5 Tips for Staging Your Hollywood Hills Home

Sell Your Hollywood Hills Home Faster--and for a Higher Profit--with These Five Tips.

When looking to sell your home, especially in a desirable market like Hollywood Hills, a key investment is staging--particularly if the space is empty upon listing. While staging can often be pricey, it is a short-term investment and an effective marketing tool focused on showings. Staging can help get your home sold faster and sometimes at a higher price; plus, it can be done affordably if you know the tips and tricks. Here are our staging suggestions to help prep your Hollywood Hills home for sale. 

Make a House a Home

The goal of staging should be to make your house feel like a home, allowing the potential buyer to see themselves living there. Experts claim buyers are sold on a house within seconds of walking through it, and one of the best ways to do that is to make the home feel lived-in. Fill glass jars in the kitchen with dry pasta, cookies, or candy; leave an open cookbook on the counter; dress the dining room table with flowers; strew a throw blanket and pillows across the couch; keep art on the walls. You want a buyer to walk in the door and fall in love--the first step is helping them see themselves living there.


While it is important for the house to feel like an authentic home, there is a fine line between accessorizing and cluttering. Enlist the help of large baskets to store away toys and other items if they are laying around; add a bowl to the entry table to keep keys and other small things organized; move books to a bookshelf to simulate an accent wall. Reducing the amount of small furniture and trinkets and keeping it simple with large pieces like a big dining room table or cozy L-shaped couch can also make the room feel less busy and more welcoming.

Let in Light

A huge factor in selling buyers on a home is space, and a great way to accentuate it if you have it or simulate it if you don’t is to take advantage of lighting. Replacing tired dark window treatments with lighter, more sheer curtains immediately increases the amount of natural light in a room, while adding large mirrors and accent lighting can help give the illusion that the space is both bigger and brighter. Adding greenery, from large palms to smaller (and maybe even fake) plants, can also make the space feel lighter and airier as well as create an overall feeling of zen in the room.

Keep it Neutral

Every buyer has their own personal style, so it is important to remember that you are staging to appeal to a broad buyer audience--not your own tastes. Staging with a neutral color palette is a simple way to do this and avoid pigeon-holing yourself into a design theme that is too specific. Incorporating whites, creams, greys, and browns with differing textures–from the bedding to the rugs to the art–helps the home feel luxurious yet understated and creates a sense of consistency as you flow through the different rooms.

Play Up Outdoor Space

Many Hollywood Hills homes feature fantastic outdoor spaces, from patios and balconies to pools and gardens, which are all huge selling points if they are emphasized properly. If you have a patio or deck, dress it with light outdoor furniture to help the buyer see how they would use the space. If your garden or yard is overgrown or bare, enlisting the help of a landscaper in your staging process to make minor improvements can make a huge difference when it comes to curb appeal.

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